How to Store Solid Fuel

Coal Storage

The most common way of ordering coal is obviously in large bulk orders, so you can keep a healthy supply on hand to use each day during the winter months. So where do you keep it all? 

When storing a large amount of coal, or any solid fuel the most important task is to keep it dry. If moisture gets to your coal storage, it won’t burn as well as it would otherwise and mould is likely to grow, which could ruin the briquettes.

Storing Coal outside:

  • Coal bunkers: Owning a coal bunker is the ideal way of ensuring you have plenty of fuel for the winter that will be dry and ready to use. Coal bunkers can come in a variety of sizes and materials
  • Dustbins: A popular method for those without a coal bunker or sufficient storage indoors – a dustbin will certainly keep your coal dry however storage space is very limited.
  • Piled: This may be the quickest way of storing your coal however it is certainly not the most secure – especially if your coal is left out to battle the elements. We don’t recommend leaving your coal out in a pile, but if you must – leave each 25kg bag wrapped up in the packaging it was delivered in and cover with a tarp if possible.

Storing Coal inside:

  • Basement/ Cellar: An unused basement or cellar is a fantastic place to protect your solid fuels from the elements. For those lucky enough to have one can take advantage of keeping your fuel, dry, out of sight and in a convenient spot to keep it when it is time to make a new fire.
  • Plastic Containers: For users on a budget, plastic containers are a very inexpensive way of keeping solid fuel dry and out of the way.
  • Storage Basket: Simple, & effective a storage basket is ideal to keep a small amount of fuel nearby.
  • Coal Scuttles: A coal scuttle is a type of bucket specifically for solid fuels that is typically used to contain a small amount that you can keep adding to the fire. This is an ideal method to keep a small amount of coal on hand.

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