How to Light Solid Fuels

How to Light Solid Fuels

How to light solid fuel my not be one of the most popular enquiries we receive at the Quickfuels office, of course most of our customers are well practised in this task however we do get asked every now and then by beginners. Of course, Lighting a fire can be extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly - So beginners, take note! Here is a comprehensive guide to how you can light a coal fire at home safely and efficiently every time :


Before we start, it is always best to make sure that your appliance is clean and ready to use for optimal performance and higher heat output.

Make sure you clear out any ash left over from previous use and that the grate is clear. This helps air flow at sufficient levels to the fire as well as preserving the life of your appliance. If the fire bars are clogged with ash, they can eventually overheat and begin to sag. 

What you will need:

  • Firelighters (or dry paper will suffice)
  • Wooden kindling
  • Your coal of choice
  1. Lay your firelighters in the chamber of your appliance. If using paper, roll a few sheets of paper into balls and place into your appliance. Regular newspaper works much better than glossy paper used in magazines.
  2. Lay your wooden kindling on top of the paper balls along with a small amount of coal. This will create a stable base to establish the fire upon.
  3. Light the paper or firelighters and wait until the wooden kindling is begins to burn. If you leave the door of your appliance open slightly during this process – the flue pull will increase to help achieve a vigorous flame and reduce condensation on the glass window (if your appliance features one)
  4. Your coal should now be burning well and more is ready to be added. Ensure that you do not overfill your appliance or fill above the log guard to prevent coal from falling out and makes the fire more efficient.
  5. Close the door and allow the fire to fully establish amongst the new coals.  Some appliances feature air control settings to allow you to control the intensity of the flame & heat output by increasing/ restricting the air flow.

These simple steps will be all you need to get a safe and efficient flame every time! Quickfuels has a wide variety of solid fuel to choose from on our store such as smokeless stove fuel and traditional house coal. Buy online today for fast and efficient delivery across the country.

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