The Advantages of Solid Fuel

Advantages Of Solid Fuel

To those who have never used solid fuels, the idea of using solid fuel may seem like an outdated way of keeping warm in the winter, however solid fuel certainly has its benefits.

Of course, the term ‘solid fuels’ is an umbrella term and there are many different kinds available depending on your preference, and some may even be restricted by your local council if you live in a smoke control area. Here are some of the top advantages you can enjoy by burning solid fuels for heating your home this winter.  

  • Low Running Costs: Burning solid fuels can often be cheaper than traditional gas/electricity depending on your fuel of choice. Many kinds of coal are incredibly inexpensive – especially when you purchase in bulk. Many coal merchants will even offer a summer sale, so there are even more savings to be had when you buy in advance.
  • Increased Ventilation: If your home features a solid fuel appliance, chances are it will be better ventilated than one without. The use of a chimney requires efficient ventilation so fresh air can feed the fire and remove smoke emitted from below. A well-ventilated home will also aid in keeping you cool in the winter.
  • Easy & Convenient: Lighting a fire is a very basic skill that can be learned by anyone! With some kindling & a firelighter you will have a fire roaring in no time. Many modern appliances even come equipped with temperature control tools by adjusting the air flow within the chamber, so you can always find the perfect temperature for you.
  • More Reliable: This advantage may be one of the most overlooked, however it is one of the greatest advantages to burning solid fuels vs other forms of heating. In the event of an emergency such a natural disaster, power lines can break, gas lines can run empty and effected homes can essentially become cut off from the grid. With solid fuels, you don’t rely on any such system as your heating is completely independent and more reliable. As long as there is sufficient oxygen and an ignition – your solid fuel will always produce a flame for warmth.

Need to stock up on you supply of fuel? Get ready for the winter and check out the wide range of fuel available by us at Quickfuels. We offer several kinds of house coal as well as smokeless stove fuels for those that live within a smoke control area.

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