Coal Size & Performance

Coal Size & Performance

Coal Size

Throughout the different products sections of the Quickfuels website, you may have noticed that our coal products are available in different oval sizes, and there are many more different shapes and sizes available on the market. This is because the size of the coal used in a fire can drastically effect the performance of your fire. Here is how size really matters when it comes to solid fuels.

How size affects performance:

The primary reason why the size of the briquette will affect the fire is because of the gaps between them when they are nestled together on the fire. This has a big impact on how the air will flow through the briquettes to feed the fire. The larger the briquettes are, the bigger gaps they will leave between each other and this will allow a larger flame to develop.

If the briquettes are smaller in size, they become more tightly packed together and so leave smaller gaps for the air to flow through. This means that the fire will burn slower and provide a smaller – long lasting flame that will gently slumber through the evening.

The smallest fuel we offer – StoveMaster is a smokeless fuel that measures in at just 50cm x 52cm this is ideal for long lasting flames that leave low ash behind – making for easier clean up. This type of fuel is ideal for;

  • Smoke control areas
  • Selected boilers & cookers
  • Multifuel-stoves

The mid-size range have a great balance between the advantages of large & small briquettes and are ideal for most users. This type of fuel is provides moderate heat output from an attractive flame and is perfect for;

  • Room heaters
  • Multi-fuel stoves
  • Most users

The larger briquettes allow lots of air to pass through the gaps between each piece of coal. The higher flow of oxygen creates a large flame and generates a lot of intense heat that can warm up a room in no time. The larger briquettes are great for;

  • Open fires
  • Multifuel stoves
  • Users who value heat output the highest

So which fuel is right for me?

This is one of the most common questions asked to us at Quickfuels, so we have put together a fuel chooser that takes all of your requirements/ what properties you value in your fire and gives you the best product for the job.

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